About us

Slavica Osterman

My previous career path demonstrates exceptional experience in management functions that are entrusted to me, and my managerial ability of adaptation to industrial characteristics. I am distinguished by visionary and tracking the highest ideals of economic and commercial operations, where high ethical standards represent the foundation. My belief is that entrepreneurship is based on three key structural elements; product, people and relationships, which gives me a starting point for real analytic and integration approach to counseling and rescuing firms. Treasury of past and current experiences and practices, both good and bad, gives me unique insight into the business environment, and my judgment is reflected in the selection of the most effective solutions. I believe that the future of a successfull economy is in intellectual capital and ethical principles.


  • Iskra Sistemi d.d., Director of projects in sales;
  • Korona Engineering d.d., Director of Marketing and Sales;
  • Trimo d.d., Trebnje – Internal Auditor for the Trimo Group (23 affiliated companies, including production in Serbia, Russia, the United Arab Emirates and Slovenia), Director of Trimo Romania; Coordinator of the Department of Economics and Finance;
  • Peko Tržič, Director of the Sales sector;
  • Independent consultant in projects; also teaching of the English language (Superlearning method) as a specialist in management and finance;
  • ABB d.o.o . Slovenia; Country Manager for Slovenia;
  • ABB d.o.o . Slovenia; Procurator responsible for the internal control of operations, finance and accounting;
  • ABB Branch of Slovenia; Head of the branch;
  • ABB Representation for Slovenia, Assistant Manager;
  • Iskra Robotec IR Ljubljana; responsible for drawing up contracts, translations, part of the book-keeping;
  • Iskra Automation in bankruptcy; Business secretary;
  • Iskra Automation in Ljubljana, TOZD AVN – Planner of electrical material for the production.


Maja Handanagić

My trump is the ability of the implementation of complex organizational and structural processes, that I have learned about in my previous career in large state systems. A challenge for me is to overcome bureaucratic obstacles. I am convinced that impossible does not exist, as it depends only on the will. My focus is social responsibility, sustainability, intellectual property and process optimization, ie the right product at the right time, the right man in the right place. Caring for each and every dignity represents a simple matrix of success. I do not allow myself only to function according to the ideals of the theory, but to research  and to find good practices, in order to adapt them to different social and cultural contexts.


  • Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Slovenia; Implementation of complex organizational operating procedures, protocol organization;
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia; Implementation of the most demanding administrative organizational protocols;
  • Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Slovenia; Leadership of the most demanding organizational protocol; search for solutions for the removal of administrative barriers.