Code of Conduct


Company Ossat d.o.o. in its operations swears to the highest standards of business ethics and expects same level of respect for business ethics from its business partners for mutual collaboration or contractual relationships.


The mission of Company Ossat d.o.o. is in mediation and services, which enable the economy, the entrepreneurship and individuals to grow under strict ethical rules of the business world, both in business and in relationships. Our business is based on the principle of building responsible economic environment for all stakeholders who as economic operators enter the interaction.


Ossat d.o.o. is obliged to refuse business cooperation because of unethical intentions of the company or an individual. In such a case we reserve the right to non-repayment of the advance as a sanction for the disputed intent.


Company Ossat d.o.o. charges the services according to the principle of 70% advance payment and 30% of the payment within 8 days after the service is completed. Ossat d.o.o. engages external experts for the performance of specialized services, who  with strict contractual commitments guarantee their professionalism.

Membership in the BCC network is carried out according to the principle of 100% advance payment for both natural and legal persons, and applies for 1 year.


Company Ossat d.o.o. sets  the confidentiality of the information obtained as the foundation of interconnections, thereby building mutual trust with our business partners. Every violation or abuse of this principle is sanctioned by immediate exclusion from e network, and payment penalty from III. Article of Code of Conduct. Criminal sanction or compensation by a business partner, who has suffered damage as a result of violation or abuse of confidentiality, is not excluded with this.


Ossat d.o.o. through its operations comes into contact with the intellectual property, for which it commits to respect the rights and obligations arising therefrom. Same are our expectations to business partners with whom we work and do business. To take the utmost account of property rights and obligations arising under this title, unless the owner of the intellectual property and to individuals or legal entities agreed otherwise.


Ossat d.o.o. is committed to provide an overview of the actual situation to a business partner in the analytical and empirical analyzes.  Wherein the business partner in utilizing these services is bound to participate with true, accurate and any available information.         He is obliged to draw our attention in case he can not provide the latter from his control and authority independent grounds.


Ossat d.o.o. with its services is bound to participate in projects, integrations and implementations of a business partner, or all of the ratio incoming business partners, only under the condition that the intention to implement such projects or services are sincere, ethical, and supported by an appropriate legal form of commitment or intent to participate.


Ossat d.o.o. is allowed to require consent of the owners, management and supervisory bodies for provision of certain services, as may the nature of the services or intermediation require the involvement of all stakeholders and the company’s commitment to the same goal.


Ossat d.o.o. in its service range offers custom services, but remain in the delivery of services independent and subject only to the profession. Our work is entirely carried out on the basis of objective analytical or empirical examination to detect the problem and to find technical solutions to the situation. We follow ethical principles and we do not bow to lobby tendencies and other pressures.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Slavica Osterman

Proxy and Managing Partner