Joining the network

When you join our business network you become a part of the international business environment, which is inventive and follows the most modern business practices, and integrates them into modern business processes. Membership enables the exchange of best practices, experiences and needs of the business, and rises it to the level of proactivity and increased competitiveness, innovation, inventiveness, which provide a foundation for economic development. You become a BCC member by signing intention on joining the corporate network. According to the portfolio of a company or an individual we perform comprehensive overview, which is the basis to judge weather it meets the conditions of accession, dictated by the high ethical and moral standards of business Business Collaboration Centre. Membership is based on an annual membership fee.

The network to which you are connecting in Business Collaboration Center combines three basic dimensions:

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Excellence mentors – represented by domestic or foreign entrepreneurs or companies who achieve many years of experience as successful members of management in their business. Or, because of the innovative processes, methods or products show an example of good practice, that can contribute to the economy of all economic periods. Their references demonstrate exceptional business success in business and the economy. Business mentors are inspired by high ethical standards in their business and act as advocates of responsible economy on the market. Their practical experience exceed theoretical knowledge or present yet unexplored areas of business practices. They devote special attention to the product, the relations and processes within the company.

Pending recruits – are companies, specialized staff or owners of intellectual property rights, who apply to Business Collaboration Center as searchers for investors, mentors or a business partner for a project start-up. We prepare a comprehensive portfolio for them and search for suitable business connection.

Phenotype members – are companies which search for new value-added of their products, or their hidden potentials in the industry through different periods. These companies already follow generally known good practices, but the competitiveness of the industry in which they are located, represents the need for exceptionality of their products or services. Such companies search for an appropriate strategic management, innovative product / service or identification of core competence, which will bring new development dimensions and activities to the company.