shutterstock_111461207 (1)Business Collaboration Center enter in such companies as an internal observer in order to obtain an adequate insight into the matrix and the problems of the company. The key importance of the success of the restructuring is based on our actual presence in the company itself. It is carried out on four different levels: management with existing staffing, processes, acts and relationships. Upon completion of the review we prepare action plan based on the demarcation of healthy cores and vulnerabilities. We prepare a strategy for achieving business excellence. We carry out a comprehensive review of the market and connect with experts from industries in order to find hidden potentials and achieve added value in the industry. We organize integration with successful companies abroad and arrange temporarily mentoring management with them. This provides the acquisition of new knowledge in the field of good practices and methodologies to ensure the success of the company in the market. The value added provided by BCC is the focus on global trends in the industry, and development. This offers the enterprise setting targets for global competitiveness. We are also supporters of introduction of modern technologies and processes, that are co-creators of socially responsible economy and sustainable development.